10 Tips for Juggling a Busy High School Schedule

10 Tips for Juggling a Busy High School Schedule

Rayner Reinhardt, Staff Writer

1. Keep an Agenda: Organization is key. If you want to be able to get things done, you need to know what you have to do and by when. Keeping a schedule allows for a busy student to prioritize classes, and make sure they’re not overbooked. Sometimes staying neat can make you feel more accomplished too!

2. Get Some Sleep: Research has proven that sleep in necessary for a fully functioning brain. Schedules can be busy, and homework can keep you up late, but don’t forget to catch some Z’s. Apple has a fairly new function on the iPhone clock app called “Bedtime.” It can track your sleep, and give you reminders for when it’s time to go to bed and wake up in the morning. This can be really helpful for students who lose track of time.

3. Think Positive: High school can be stressful, but don’t get down on yourself. It’s always helpful to think about what your hard work now can do in the future. Keeping your head up, and your motivations clear is a good push to getting through the stressful times.

4. Take Time for Yourself: One of the worst things you can do to yourself is push too hard. Always working and never relaxing isn’t healthy. Give yourself some time to go on a hike with friends, read a book, or take a relaxing bubble bath. If you take your mind off work, or your busy schedule, it helps create a positive and happy mood.

5. Make Goals: Think about why you’re doing everything you’re doing. Is it because you want to go to a good college? Or play professional sports? Pursue a certain career? Thinking about the future can give you motivation to work hard in all of your endeavors, and stay organized with what you want to do.

6. Stay Passionate: It’s never fun to do things you don’t want to. Make sure you keep things in your schedule that you love. People tend to do better in areas they enjoy, and it also make your schedule more fun. Sometimes we have to do things we don’t enjoy, but stay passionate in fields that you want to pursue; it’s great motivation!

7. Prioritize: Plan according to importance and due dates. Getting things done on time is always a good idea, but make sure you don’t procrastinate either. Starting early on big or long projects can help you spread out your time and tasks. Finishing important things can make you feel accomplished and motivate you to do more!

8. Listen to Music: Listening to your favorite music while you work, or when you don’t work, can be a good relaxer. Music can help take your mind off of all the stress for a little bit, and putting on some of your favorite tunes can even motivate or wake you up. Try setting your alarm as a good song, so you can start your day wide awake and happy.

9. Talk to Someone: Stressing about school or sports or anything else you take on is never fun, and you shouldn’t deal with it alone. Always talk your problems or worries out with someone you trust, whether it’s a parent, friend, or teacher. Sometimes, they’ll give advice that you would’ve never thought of on your own.

10. Keep School Number 1: Of course, it’s good to have a fun high school experience and you never want to feel like you’re missing out, but make sure to leave time for school. Studying and doing all your assignments will always help in the long run. Whether college, work, or traveling, is your goal, it’s important to stay educated. Nothing feels better than being accomplished!