Your Guide to Surviving Wisdom Teeth Removal


Stefana Avara, Staff

Whether it’s the fear of needles and post-surgery pain, or having the excuse tos feast on ice-cream for a week, wisdom-teeth surgery patients go through many ups and downs throughout their recovery. According to Advanced Dental Care Association, 85% of Americans have their wisdom teeth removed before age 25.

These are some tips that you can  use to alleviate your post-wisdom teeth surgery discomfort.


Ice is your new best friend! 

Apply ice packs to the surgical area for 20 minutes on, 10 minutes off, on the day of surgery.

*Disclaimer: Icing the day after your procedure will not reduce swelling but can reduce pain.*


About that swelling…  

You’ve probably heard someone say “I look like a chipmunk!” a few days after their wisdom teeth surgery. Don’t worry; your face will go back to normal within a couple of days. Don’t take people’s comments too personally; chipmunks are pretty cute after all.


Soft foods

Your oral surgeon will remind you of this as well, but for a few days after your procedure you should only eat soft foods. At least now you have an excuse to eat an entire gallon of ice cream by yourself, right? Here are a few examples of soft foods to eat to keep your energy levels high post-op: mashed potatoes, ice cream, pasta, soup, applesauce, guacamole, milkshakes, protein shakes, fruit smoothies, oatmeal, mac and cheese, hummus, and peanut butter. There are many soft options that will keep you feeling energized even after 5 days of texture-less food.


How to occupy your time… 

Although you’ll probably spend most of your recovery time sleeping, there are many inside activities to keep you occupied. Play a board game, listen to music, catch up on your favorite Netflix series, or pick up a new book. By the third day of recovery, you might want to exercise or go hang out with friends, but it is very important to get plenty of rest while you’re recovering. Invite your friends over to visit you and, hey, they might even bring you a milkshake.


Here are some tips from CHS students and teachers 

“Use your ice! My face was so swollen and bruised the days after my procedure. I wish I would’ve used my Ice more!” – Senior Ashlyn Cunningham

“Milkshakes are the answer to all of your problems. I’d suggest Chick-fil-a; their milkshakes have so many calories in them that you won’t have to worry about losing too much weight during the few days that you’re not eating solid food.” – Senior Tobias Wack

“Rinse with salt water as your doctor directs you to, it helps prevent infections. Use the recovery period to catch up on your sleep and indulge yourself in mac and cheese and apple sauce! After the first day, start using heat instead of ice; it will keep the swelling down.” – Spanish teacher Cristina Dalton