9 Things You Should NEVER Say to an AP Student

Those AP students are the ones you got to look out for. There may be a test that day, or a ton of homework the night before. Be careful not to bring up the stress or work that takes up these student’s minds. Here’s some things you just shouldn’t say to an AP student if you don’t want to get a snarky or downright weird answer.

  1. “If your GPA drops below a 3.5, do you still get to graduate?”–No, I don’t get to graduate. But, maybe next year . . .
  1. “Hey, wanna hang out after school?”–Sorry, I actually have practice, then 2 hours of homework, then I have to go to work, and then I have some more homework. But, maybe next week. Wait . . .
  1. “Can I borrow some Advil?”–No. You can’t, because I just used the last two of them to cure my massive headache from last night’s homework.
  1. “Why do you take AP Physics? You don’t even like physics…”–Well, I can tell you that it’s not for the grade *ha ha.* I must have developed a love for the art of Physics over the summer or something.
  1. “Where were ya at the party last night?”–Oh, you know, I just had a party with my books.
  1. “Who’s your best friend?”–I don’t get around much. But if I had to choose, probably Abe Lincoln from my history textbook. I see him every night.
  1. “Can you help me write this paper?”–Depends. Will you go halfsies on my 200-page chapter and take notes?
  1. “Can you loan me $40?”–Uh, nope. Just spent $368 on my 4 AP classes.
  1. “Have you ever heard of Kanye West?”–No, who’s that? Is he a professor at Yale?