Our Top Picks for the Bachelor Season 20


Rayner Reinhardt and Katrina Bucher

The Bachelor is by far one of the most dramatic romance reality shows on television today. Everyone dreams about being the one with 25-30 girls or guys chasing after you for your affection. Season 20 of The Bachelor premiered on January 4th, 2016 with Ben Higgins, and we got to meet all the girls for the first time as they walked out of the limos. But who will make it to the end?

There is always drama and controversy going on in “Bachelor Nation,” the community of Bachelor watchers, over who will win, who is a good match for Ben, and who needs to go home as soon as possible. So what do people think will happen this season on The Bachelor? Who do people think will go all the way this season?

Here are our top picks for who will make it to the hometown dates with Ben.

Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher (Real Estate Developer, 24): JoJo is from Dallas, Texas, and she isn’t ashamed to show it. In order for Ben to get to know her better, she had him guess where she was from by looking at handdrawn pictures. People really liked her funny and easygoing personality. JoJo opened up to Ben on their one-on-one date, and Ben really appreciated that she could talk about past relationships that affected her. Her last relationship left her with trust issues, but she assured Ben that she was there for the right reasons, and Ben assured her that he understood her concerns. You could definitely see a connection forming as the basis of a relationship is trust. Both confirmed that their hearts were in it. This could take them all the way.

Out of the 50 CHS students polled, sixteen percent think that JoJo will win the whole competition. Despite her well developed connection with Ben, she received the least amount of votes to being Ben’s wife.

Amanda Kremer (Esthetician, 25): Amanda is a little different than the other contestants on the show this season. She has children, and she is not only looking for a husband, but also a father for her kids. Ben, being a caring and responsible man, definitely could take on her and her kids, and he didn’t show any signs of disinterest in her when she brought it up. They talked easily and freely, and seemed to have a great connection. While Amanda was not selected to go on any one on one date or group date, at the cocktail party Ben reassured her worries of him forgetting her. Ben had a craft set up for them, and they created two barrettes, one for each of Amanda’s daughters. You can really see that Ben cared about her, and Amanda was very appreciative of his actions.

Amanda did the best in the poll, gaining thirty-six percent of the vote. People really liked Amanda’s charm, and watchers can definitely see a family potential with Amanda, Ben, and her children. She definitely has a great chance to go all the way to the end.

IMAGE OF CHART: To save this image to your hard drive, right-click on the image and select Save Picture As...  Olivia Caridi (News Anchor, 23): Olivia and Ben hit it off from the beginning. Ben definitely showed some serious interest in her after talking to her, and he felt so strongly he gave her his first impression rose. Ben seemed to really like Olivia’s sweet personality and how she carried herself, which is always a good sign. Ben and Olivia had a lot in common, and there’s definitely a chance at romance between the two. As the season progressed, Oliva’s confidence showed. One way she made sure this was known was by always talking Ben first before any other girl had the chance. Even when she had already had time with Ben, she wasn’t afraid to steal him again.

Olivia has made many comments about her relationship with Ben, and how it is the best one there. While Ben may not show the same amount of enthusiasm, one can definitely tell that he is strucken by Olivia’s personality and commitment to the relationship.

Olivia had an OK showing in the poll, scoring twenty-two percent of the vote. Voters respected how Olivia put her whole heart into her relationship with Ben, but they also didn’t like how stand-offish she was with the other girls, making her get third place in the poll.

Caila Quinn ( Software Sales Representative, 24) Caila received the first one-on-one date. On this date, they met Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, and even though the date was mostly comedic, they still had a romantic time. The theme of the date was casual. Ben drove Caila around, with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart as backseat drivers, to a hot tub store. There, Ben and Caila had a nice time in a hot tub. Later they had an emotional and revealing conversation, where you saw their relationship really start to begin. During week 3, their relationship hit Caila hard when she had a breakdown over the realization of how much she liked Ben. The pressure of him dating multiple women was hard for her to take when her feelings were so strong. Even though this breakdown may seem a little overdramatic, it’s nice to see all her feelings for him are genuine, making their relationship stronger.

Caila came in second place for the poll, collecting twenty-six percent of the vote. Fans seemed to really like Caila’s outgoing and bubbly personality. By having the same job, it increases their compatibility, forming a good relationship.