Edwards Puts a Spin on Things


Stefana Avara, Staff

CHS alumnus Mike Edwards, better known by his street name “DJ Dhundee,” took a break from his busy globe-trotting lifestyle to return to CHS this past alumni career day to share his experiences with current students.

Edwards, who graduated from CHS in 1993, made a credible name for himself in the techno-music world and even founded his own music agency named “Sugarcuts.” Dhundee’s inspiring transition from “cleaning toilets and making beer runs” to becoming a globally recognized DJ scored him a “Notable Alumni” award from his alma mater.

As a student, Edwards was a member of the track team, but his passion for music shone through via his participation in the CHS steel drum band and orchestra.

“In high school I was into dancing and crazy hair. Self-expression is so important,” said the DJ.

Upon returning to CHS, Edwards found the technology available to the music tech students impressive.

“It’s exciting that students are using technology to learn the skills I had to learn on my own in the classroom,” he noted.

After graduating from CHS, Edwards briefly attended CCBC before transferring to the Art Institute of Philadelphia. While in Philly, he landed his first internship at Big Zone Recording Studio.

While there, he worked his way up from running cables to becoming an assistant sound engineer at Broadway Sound. DJ Dhundee has experience working for big-name companies including Comedy Central, MTV, and HBO.

The DJ also works as a youth advocate through the company B.E.A.T. NYC (Bridging Education and Arts Together). Through this company, Edwards acts as an advocate for at-risk youth in New York City.

“I’ve worked with such a broad spectrum of people. I’ve taught blind kids how to beatbox and break dance; that was a great experience,” said Edwards.

One of his most interesting gigs was traveling to Singapore, at the request of the country’s leaders, to teach incarcerated juveniles and at-risk youth about music and dance. From Singapore to New York, Dhundee has experience working in big cities with big names.

“DJ-ing connects me to people and keeps my ears fresh. I’ve worked with The Roots, Alicia Keys, and right now I’m working on a remix of Beyoncé, along with trying to produce my second studio album,” added Dhundee.

The DJ, producer, and youth advocate now resides in Brooklyn and continues to produce remixes. His advice for students trying to make it big in the music industry: “You’ll get knocked out, but it’s not about falling down—it’s about getting back up. You can always step from where you’re standing.”

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