Donald Schaub Makes a Splash


Donald Schaub, a 1962 graduate of Catonsville High School, won an honorable CHS alumni award for his dedication to coaching Catonsville’s youth.

As a student, Schaub participated in soccer, indoor track and wrestling. His recent return to CHS brought back a feeling of nostalgia.

“I remember running through the hallways for indoor track on days when it was super cold outside,” he reminisced.

Although Schaub loved growing up and raising a family in Catonsville, he encourages every student to get out and explore the world.

“It is important to branch out and get away from your roots—get to know what is going on in the world,” he advised.

Schaub dedicates his time to volunteering as the swim team coach for Five Oaks Swim Club and also coaches at the local YMCA. Schaub’s coaching career began when his daughters found an interest in swimming. Now 73 years old, Schaub has more than 40 years of coaching experience under his belt.

“Volunteering as a coach got me through my life. It’s a great feeling helping people, and everyone needs something like that in their life,” Schaub added.

His lengthy coaching career even earned him a swim meet named in his honor: the Don Schaub Invitational Swim Meet held each summer at Five Oaks. The competition began as a small local meet where less-experienced swimmers could gain confidence. Now, the meet hosts more than 400 swimmers from seven different teams across a variety of divisions.

Schaub offered some advice for current students.

“Never say can’t,” he advised. “Do the best you can in school, and learn to speak in front of people. Simply take time to enjoy life.”

When Schaub’s athletes find themselves discouraged, he often motivates the swimmers by reminding them that people across the world constantly face difficulties, yet they still manage to push themselves. He reminds his swimmers that personal growth comes from overcoming the obstacles they face.